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We invite you to exercise your faith while reading this book. Commit yourself to discovering that you ,too have what you need within to overcome your barriers and getting naked with your true self. We invite the reader to journal while reflecting on Shemekka’s journey. Journal and reflection prompts found within the book are insightfully uplifting. Be inspired, transformed, and renewed gleaning from the garden of wisdom Shemekka Ebony shares reflecting on God along her life’s way.

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Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy that places the needs of others before one's own. It is a journey that requires constant reflection and growth. Sanctuary Life is a beautifully written and inspiring journey that will stay with readers long after they finish reading it. It is a story about the power of faith, the importance of community, and the resilience of the human spirit. Whether you have been called to lead in church, community, or in a corporate setting, Sanctuary Life gives you what you need to coach you along the way.

Authored By

Shemekka Ebony Stewart-Isaacs

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