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“voice of lived experience expertise”
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‘Shemekka Ebony’ Coleman, MS, owner of Shemekka Ebony, L.L.C, is an activist for community, women, and children’s rights; she is the self proclaimed “voice of lived experience expertise.”

Shemekka Ebony Coleman, MS, Co-Founder I Am Brilliant and the CROWN Campaign, Raleigh, NC

Shemekka Ebony is a 100 Million Healthier Lives Health and Racial Equity leader and a John Hopkins’ Health Policy Research Scholars Leadership Coach, an initiative funded by Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. Shemekka is committed to expanding awareness about policy transformation in the areas of hair discrimination, racial equity, health equity, and economic equity with marginalized communities and emphasis with Black Women. She is a founding partner of I Am Brilliant, an organization and engagement strategy dedicated to connecting all the threads that weave through communities in order to provide people better access, honor their experiences, and institute best practices for sustainable partnerships. She consults several Community and National organizations for best practices in community engagement. She also serves as state advisor to North Carolina Black Women’s Roundtable as well as convener of Black Women vendors and entrepreneurs seeking economic power and inclusion through her Black Girl Magic Market platform.

Shemekka Ebony has dedicated over 20 years of her life to specialize in advocacy for victims and their transformation. She is committed to raising awareness to several underrepresented populations such as survivors of victimization, health and wellness inequity, and food insecurity.
You will find her continuing to share hope and inspiration through her missions work through meaningful engagement initiatives like #IAmBrilliant, Black Girl Magic Market, and the CROWN Campaign.


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CROWN Campaign

Hair Discrimination is a form of Racial Discrimination and must be stopped. Look into the Advocacy Work of Shemekka with the CROWN Campaign. Join us in the goal of changing policies and finding solutions to protect our human rights.

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